Water is an episode of the TV series, Battlestar Galactica, and aired during the show's first season.


This episode starts out on Galactica with Lieutenant Sharon Valerii (aka Boomer) Sitting in a store room completely soaked with water. At first she doesn't realise what's going on. Snapping back into reality and looking around bewildered she finds a duffle back with a spare uniform with her name on it. Quickly changing she finds G-4 Explosives, marked with detonator #A-7, in the same pack and quickly disassembles it. After Changing Boomer enters the D2 Repair Bay where one of the specialists approaches and informers her that it is 05:45 in the morning subtly implying that her behaviour is odd (particularly the sleeping aspect). From there the Lieutenant sneaks off the the Small Arms Locker quickly enters the code and slips inside in order to return the explosives. While doing so she finds that detonators #A-1 through #A-6 are also missing yet she has no idea where they are. There is a quick flash of them activating, though not detonating, along a ship and the opening credits roll

The last scene cuts to Various crew members preparing for the day. Colonel Saul Tigh Measure how much liquor he has left. Captain Adama opening his personal locker and having a flashback to the take down of the Olympic Carrier that he had carried out the day before. This results in him seeking counsel from his father, Commander William Adama about whether or not they had made the right choice.

A short scene brings us to Colonial One Docking in Galactica with President Laura Roslin being breifed about her boarding ceremony, which she admittantly dislikes but deems necesarry.

Returning to Boomer on the Repair Bay, she takes a moment to talk with Chief Galen Tyrol admitting that there is a problem.

At the same time The President and Commander discuss their Plan for water rations.

Tyrol consoles Boomer stating, "Whatever it is we're going to take care of it ok, alright?" prompting her to spill that there are six G-4 Detonators missing. Tyrol freaks out and states that she need to report it higher up but she confesses that everyone will think she took them.

Petty Officer Anastasia Dualla gets hit on by the Presidents aide but she just laughs it off.

Boomer recounts her discovery and Tyrol is just blown away (figuratively speaking) by the situation. Tyrol shrugs it off as a set up, Valarii points out Cylon sleeper agents in the fleet and and explosion abruptly ends their conversation. The explosion was a rupture in the water supply tanks causing approximately 60% of the water to be vented out into space. The Colony is placed on emergency rations.

A team scouts the damage, finding a scorched plate that shows signs of explosives and sabatoge but Tyrol dismisses it as rusted.