Viper Mk V


The Mk V (scorpion) was up to that point the heaviest, most dangerous Viper to date. This was because the colonies were undergoing civil war and political upheaval. (Designed and first produced in Scorpia). The problem was that while more powerful and with heavier armor it was rather massive leading to maneuverability problems. It sported powerful engines and a third KEW plus had more hardpoints under the wings. Due to its mass its first battles were disasters in atmo Mk IVs could fly circles around the Mk V’s. Worse it literally “fell out of the sky” when not flown by an expert pilot in atmo. In space the turn radius was larger than those of early Raptors making them durable yet easy kills. Eventually Scorpia Arms increased the wing surfaces and added heavier reaction control thrusters making it a mean insurgent killing machine. However the upgrade cost and its reputation killed Viper Mk 5.1 in its tracks.