Tory Foster was a Humanoid Cylon from the planet Earth. One of only five survivors of the Cylon holocaust there, she escaped to the Cyrannus star system where she helped end the Cylon War.


Early life Edit

Tory Foster grew up on Earth in the years leading up to a mechanical Cylon uprising. She, her finance Galen Tyrol; Samuel T. Anders and Ellen and Saul Tigh learned of the inevitable conflict after contact with Messengers. They worked on redeveloping Resurrection technology and securing a vessel in orbit. When the mechanical Cylons gained control of nuclear missiles, they destroyed the cities of Earth, killing all five. As planned, their consciousnesses were downloaded into new bodies on the ship. They then departed to Kobol to warn the humans of the inevitability of a machine uprising. However, lacking a ship with faster-than-light capabilities, they were forced to travel at relativistic speeds. Kobol had long been abandoned by their arrival, but they traced their migration to the Cyrannus star system, finding it entrenched in war with their Cylons. The five negotiated with the Cylons to end the war, offering Resurrection in exchange. In the next decade, the five created eight Humanoid Cylon models, with the aide of their first creation, John, a Number One. However, John objected to their efforts to make the Cylons humanoid, and had the five killed and boxed. Later, he released the five separately to the Twelve Worlds, with their memories altered to believe themselves to be human.