The Living Legend, Part Ⅱ is an episode of the TV series, Battlestar Galactica.

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Baltar, frightened at the unexpected sight of a second battlestar, The Pegasus attacking him with its fresh viper complement deployed, orders a hasty retreat. Thus the heavily damaged Galactica is saved and undergoes repairs.

Cain and Adama develop a plan to destroy the Cylon forces at Gamorray. Apollo, Starbuck, Boomer, Sheba, and Bojay - another pilot from the Pegasus and a close friend of Sheba's - parachute down to the planet's surface. With them is Cassiopeia, who has come as their medical technician. Bojay is injured in a gunfight with a Cylon, and Cassiopea saves his life, thus earning the respect of Sheba. The Cylon control center is destroyed, and vipers from the two battlestars wreak havoc over Gomorray. Fuel tankers land and begin taking on tylium. The warriors board a shuttle, Cassiopea directs it to land on the Pegasus so she can help the wounded on board, including Bojay. Cain leads the Pegasus directly into a massive number of Cylon fighters, in the ensuing fight the battlestar suffers heavy damage but survives. His daughter Sheba is wounded in the battle, and is taken to the ship's medical center for help. At this point both Apollo and Commander Adama learn that Cain's plan was never to break off; he intends to head straight for the three Cylon basestars and attack them head-on. Given that he is outnumbered three-to-one it seems like a suicidal plan, but Apollo notes that if anyone could accomplish such an incredible feat, it would be Cain. Adama contacts Cain and begs him to turn away, but when Cain refuses Adama reluctantly gives him his blessing.

Cain has a tearful farewell with Cassiopea and his wounded daughter, who begs to stay with him. However, she is placed on a shuttle with other wounded Pegasus personnel and flown to the Galactica. Apollo and Starbuck lead an escort of vipers to ensure the shuttles reach the Galactica, but after a short time they turn command over to Lieutenant Boomer and fly back to the Pegasus to help her in the fight with the Cylon baseships. Baltar orders his basestar to fall back and allow the other two basestars to fight the Pegasus first. Apollo and Starbuck's vipers attack and cripple the two basestar's defensive laser cannons; Cain has the Pegasus fly between the two enemy ships and destroys them with nuclear missiles. Unfortunately, the dust and debris from the explosions prevent Starbuck and Apollo from discovering whether or not the Pegasus survived the battle. They return to the Galactica, where they tell the recovering Sheba that her father probably headed into deep space.


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