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Tauron is a planet in the Cyrannus star system, orbiting Helios Alpha.[1] It was originally named Taurus, after the Taurus tribe who resided on Kobol, though its citizens may not have been affiliated with that tribe.[note 1]


Following the conclusion of the Gemenese dark age and humanity's reinvention of space flight,[2] Tauron was colonised for use in the rearing of livestock, with the city Minos starting out in the middle of a cattle trail.[3] Not as aggressively developed as other worlds of the time, Tauron suffered from famines brought on quickly as a result of conflicts, forcing people to eat dirt to survive. The term "dirt-eater" would live on as a racial slur against native Taurons, known as Ha'la'tha in their native language.[4]

Starting from the 12th century, Tauron endured colonisation by Virgon and Leonis, which were expanding their interplanetary empires.[3][4] Though Tauron independence would resume in the mid-18th century in a popular revolt known as "Our Day",[4] cultural distinctions between the native Taurons - the "Ha'la'tha" - and Tauronised settlers continued to exist. The government of Tauron was predominantly represented by the latter community, who had strong ties with neighbouring worlds such as Caprica.

An uprising by native farmers against the government took place in the 1910s, and quickly led two the two-year long Tauron Civil War. In the aftermath, government forces relied on urban units known as the Heraclis, who's wide-ranging powers in putting down further rebellion led to the mass-execution and starvation of many Taurons in an act recognised by the Twelve Worlds as a genocide, leading to a wide body of Ha'la'tha refugees settling across the Cyrannus star system from Caprica to Sagittaron, and became linked to organised crime.[3] These planets' complicity in the regime's continued strength was not forgotten. In 1942 another uprising took place, though the Ha'la'tha was more prepared, and gun-running across the Twelve Worlds helped support the rebels.

When the Cylons rebelled against mankind in 1948, spawning a twelve-year war, Tauron formed part of the United Colonies of Kobol, which allowed for all planets to receive equal military support. In the final day of the war in 1960, Cylon forces attacked Tauron and abducted civilians for unknown means.[5] Despite this Tauron was considered one of the richest and most industrious Colonies known for its pride, and vast wealth amoung the few. Lityle is known of Tauron over the next forty years of peace, though it was infiltrated by Humanoid Cylons. In 2000, Tauron faced large-scale nuclear bombardment by Basestars, followed by an equally-massive landing force of Centurions that successfully exterminated the remaining survivors.

Geography Edit

The capital of Tauron is Hypatia, with other major cities being Tauron City and Minos.

Further notes Edit

  • Much information on Tauron was added into the series lore for the show Caprica. Writer Jane Espenson also collaborated in the creation of mapping the Cyrannus star system with the positions of each planet along with explaining their histories. The factoids themselves quasi-canon, existing in a preliminary level where they are canon unless contradicted by new information.[1] However, as there was no second season of Caprica to contradict them, they stand.
  • In the star system map created for Season 1, Tauron is the colony furthest out from the sun.



  1. The history of the Cyrannus system suggests there is no direct link between the planets and the tribes they were named after. Colonies such as Caprica; Picon and Virgon were settled by the same people. Aquaria meanwhile was founded as a scientific outpost rather than a settlement for the Aquarius tribe.
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