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Space Croppers is an episode of the TV series, Galactica 1980. The episode first aired on Sunday 27 April 1980


The Cylons have once more caught up with the Galalactican fleet, but following the events of "The Night the Cylons Landed" are unable to determine Earth's location. Hoping to starve Commander Adama out of his gambit, the Imperious Leader orders a strike on the fleet's Agro Ships. The strike force is quickly detected by Galactica and intercepted by a Viper squadron, and their Centurion commander ignores combat in favour of suicide runs, destroying the Agro Ships. Commander Adama is shocked at the turn of events, but is reminded by Zee that the choice in targets was surgical.

Dependent on food shipments from Earth but wary of leading the Cylons to it, Adama orders Captain Troy and Dillon to set-up an agricultural colony there, with other crews sent out as a diversion to throw off the Cylons. Before take-off, Adama and Boomer meet with another Viper Captain who is appalled at the modifications being done to his squadron, "D Squadron", which has been selected for the mission. In spite of this the seven Vipers are launched without issue, with Troy and Dillon breaking off from Lieutenant Dante's men.

Having already conducted the necessary intelligence-gathering, Troy and Dillon arrive in rural North America in search of Hector Alonzo, a farmer who is seeking to sell interest in half of the farm. They arrive after dinner and introduce themselves following an earlier confusion with a scarecrow they assumed to be a ritualistic symbol. At the breakfast table, Hector explains the situation to his prospective sellers. The region suffered a drought some years ago, and wealthy landowner John Steadman has used it to his advantage in buying out his neighbouring Smallholders through various unfair methods. As many of these farmers are Hispanics formerly employed as farmhands, they believe it to be racially motivated.

Setting out to get supplies for the farm, Hector drops Troy and Dillon off outside Stockton's land to see a dam Stockton has built. When Stockton arrives, they are advised to leave, taking umbrage at Hector's refusal to sell. At the market Hector is confused by Troy and Dillon's blasé attitude towards the farm's problems, having purchased a quantity of beans which his soil is not fertile enough for. As they take off, they are spotted by two of Stockton's guards, Maze and Barret who destroy their truckload of seed; Troy and Dillon meet with Steadman again, though he denies all involvement. He promises to replace the seed and offers the duo $1000 if they can ride Satan, an untameable horse. The two use their Languatron Translators to quickly subdue the beast, much to Stockton's chagrin. He prepares to cut the Alonzos’ water quota.

Troy contacts Adama to explain their situation. Zee orders Troy to seed the fields before nightfall. Unable to reach local help, they enlist the Super Scouts. That night, Adama and Zee land the first of their colonists as their spacecraft whips up an artificial thunderstorm and injects a special formula to accelerate the growth process. Steadman, who secretly watches everything, reports his findings to the Growers Association, but his accusations are met with laughter and ridicule. The Association votes to knock out his dam and rescind quota restrictions. Troy and Dillon leave their colonists with the Alonzos.


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  • Final Appearance of Captain Troy, Lieutenant Dillon, Jamie Hamilton, and The Super Scouts.
  • Ana Alicia appears on Battlestar Galactica for the second time. Her first appearance was in the original Series's penultimate episode, Take the Celestra where she played Aurora; Starbuck's ex.
  • Footage of the Agro Ship came from "The Magnificent Warriors".


  • Dennis Haysbert is credited as "The Creature" (also known as the Imperious Leader) despite not sounding a thing like the new voice.[1]


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