Lieutenant Sheba was a Viper pilot attached to Pegasus. The daughter of Commander Cain, she was in charge of its Viper squadron.

Biography Edit

Sheba participated in the Battle of Molecay, which resulted in a serious loss to the Colonials. Escaping on the Battlestar Pegasus, Sheba spent the next two years leading Silver Spar Squadron in harassing Cylon patrols and raiding facilities for supplies. Near Gamorray, she encountered two Vipers flown by Blue Squadron pilots Captain Apollo and Lieutenant Starbuck, part of Galactica's patrol.

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There was much talk about Sheba appearing in the 2004 reimagined series during production of Season 2. This was ultimately rejected on the grounds an Apollo love-interest being Pegasus' CAG who was also its CO's child felt contrived.[1]

Sources Edit

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