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Scorpia Fleet Shipyards 1

Scorpia Fleet Shipyards on the day of the Fall of the Twelve Colonies

Scorpia Fleet Shipyards were a military shipyard in orbit over the planet Scorpia, otherwise known as Scorpion.

History Edit

The shipyards were operational prior to the Cylon War as the Scorpia Shipyards.[1] During the Cylon War, it fell under the control of the Colonial Fleet, who maintained control during the war.[2]

Fall of the Twelve ColoniesEdit

On the fortieth anniversary of the war's conclusion, the Cylons launched an unprecedented offensive on the Cyrannus star system, with military targets such as the shipyards being among the first targets in the Cylon offensive.[3] At the time of the attack, three Battlestars and several other support ships were docked, perhaps, as in Pegasus ' case, to undergo a retrofit. A specialised Raider squadron armed with missiles then fired at the docking ships, causing one to collapse in on itself, as well as firing on the shipyard's frame itself.[3]


Sources Edit

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