"I'll tell you the secret to avoid hangovers. Don't stop drinking."
—Saul on drinking.

Saul was a Humanoid Cylon born on Earth. One of the Final Five, he and his compatriots escaped the colony's destruction and reached the Twelve Worlds as refugees.


Early life Edit

The people of Earth developed technology for creating sophisticated machines as a labour force, unaware the sophisticated machines were sentient and poised to launch a bloody revolt. In the leadup to the revolt, Saul; his wife Ellen and three others, were contacted by Angels who helped them escape. He was revealed the truth about the humans of Earth, that they were all descended from a population of artificial humanoids that left Kobol, and that the war between man and machine was a cosmic certainty. The five re-developed the long-lost technology for downloading conscious minds into artificially-grown duplicate bodies. They died during the nuclear bombardment of Earth, and woke up on a ship in orbit in new, identical bodies. As Earth had not yet developed (or possibly re-developed) faster-than-light technology, the five travelling at relativistic speeds took some two thousand years to reach Kobol, and from there the Twelve Worlds the humans of Kobol had left to.

When the five arrived at the Cyrannus star system, they discovered the humans there were already at war with their own mechanical creations, the Cylons. The five were able to open a dialogue with the Cylons, and offered their technology in exchange for peace with the humans. The Cylons, themselves desiring biological form, agreed and signed the Armistice. Over the next several years, eight humanoid models of Cylon were created with this technology. However, their first creation, "Number One", resented the Five for their pacifism, seeing it as loving the humans more than he. To punish the five, One had them all killed.

Life on the colonies Edit

Whatever his name was before the Cylons took his memories, he went by the name of Saul Tigh. Entering colonial society some years after the war's conclusion, he got a job with the merchant navy, where a number of demobilised veterans took up employment. Among his implanted memories were his father being a Viper pilot killed in combat, and his grandfather being a military official representing President Mueller.[1] During his years in this career, he became good friends with William Adama, a retired Viper pilot who expressed interest in re-enlisting. Some 20 years after the war's conclusion, the Colonial government began an initiative to improve the quality of the military and, through connections with Adama's new wife Carolanne, the two men found themselves in service.[2]

Annihilation of Mankind Edit

Occupation on New Caprica Edit

Saul was the leader of the resistance against the Cylons that occupied New Caprica. While he was held in one of the Cylon camps for questions and torture, one of the Cylons ripped out his right eye.

Post New Caprica Edit

After being saved from the operation on New Caprica, Saul tumbled into an angry, vengeful, drunken stupor. The fact that he killed his wife and the other acts he committed on New Caprica is to blame. Eventually, he manages to overcome these feelings and returns as the XO of the Galactica.

Final Five Edit

It was revealed in the season 3 finale that Colonel Tigh was one of the final five Cylons. To say the least, he was not happy to find himself to be that which he had hated his whole life.

Further notes Edit

  • In the 2003 story bible, Saul was originally known as Paul Tigh.[3]

Sources Edit

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