Samuel T. Anders was a Humanoid Cylon from Earth.


Early lifeEdit

One of five survivors of the nuclear holocaust, he travelled to Kobol, and then the Cyrannus star system in search of human life, intent on warning them of the inevitable threat that Cylon technology poses. The five arrived at the system while the Cylon War was in its twelfth year, and were able to convince the Cylons to end the war on the promise to help them in their goal of creating organic machines. Following the creation of seven unique models of Humanoid Cylon designed just like themselves, Anders and the other four were killed in a Cylon uprising led by the Number Ones. He downloaded into a new body, but his memories were blocked. The Number Ones released him into colonial society years later, where he become a worlds-famous Pyramid player as captain of the Caprica Buccaneers.

Guerrilla leaderEdit