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(The reimagined series; Caprica and Blood & Chrome)

Sagittaron is a planet in the Cyrannus star system, orbiting Helios Gamma.[1] It is named after the Sagittarius tribe who resided on Kobol, though its citizens may not have been affiliated with that tribe.[note 1]


Sagittaron was colonised by Gemenese fundamentalists who felt their brothers and sisters there were not truly devoted to the sacred texts. The Helios Gamma system, also home to Libran and Scorpia, were occupied by the imperial superpowers Virgon and Leonis, who exploited the system for centuries. Sagittaron gained its independence following the two empires' mutual destruction.[1]

With the formation of the United Colonies of Kobol two centuries later, Sagittaron became more exposed to the wider human society. However, racism against Sagittarons existed even after then, as their opposition to military service offended the wider community in the Cylon War and their views on medicine stereotyped them as walking plagues.[2] Criticism of Sagittaron's incorporation into the United Colonies continued twenty years after the end of the Cylon War, and Sagittaron Tom Zarek led a terrorist campaign against the government, where he gained sympathy from idealists.[3]

Geography Edit

Sagittaron was considered by the other colonies to be a barren, mountainous world, and much of its population was spread out into isolated valleys, such as the Acheron River. The only known major city was Tawa.[1]

Culture Edit

The Sagittaron culture, like the Gemenese polytheists, believed in the literacy of sacred scriptures, but there were enough disagreements that prompted them to abandon the planet entirely. Among the cultural beliefs was that relying on modern medicine was in some way sinful, and Sagittarons preferred herbal folk remedies.[2]

Further notes Edit

  • Much information on Sagittaron was added into the series lore for the show Caprica. Writer Jane Espenson also collaborated in the creation of mapping the Cyrannus star system with the positions of each planet along with explaining their histories. The factoids themselves quasi-canon, existing in a preliminary level where they are canon unless contradicted by new information.[1] However, as there was no second season of Caprica to contradict them, they stand.



  1. The history of the Cyrannus system suggests there is no direct link between the planets and the tribes they were named after. Colonies such as Caprica; Picon and Virgon were settled by the same people. Aquaria meanwhile was founded as a scientific outpost rather than a settlement for the Aquarius tribe.
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