Resurrection Ship, Part Ⅱ is an episode of the TV series, Battlestar Galactica, and aired during the show's second season.


Two Pegasus crewmen confront Helo and Tyrol in the Pegasus brig and beat them with soap bars wrapped in towels; Col. Jack Fisk discovers the blanket party and ends it. Helena Cain warns Starbuck not to let her conscience dictate how she behaves at difficult moments. Apollo agrees to help Starbuck with the assassination but expresses discomfort to his father. Adama invites Sharon to his quarters and asks why the Cylons hate humans; she replies that the Cylons don't hate humans but think them unworthy of life because of their tendency toward murder. As the battle nears, Starbuck and Fisk wish each other "good hunting".

The battle begins. Piloting the Blackbird, Apollo prevents the resurrection ship from escaping but is forced to eject after a damaged Raptor collides with the Blackbird. His spacesuit leaks oxygen, but a search and rescue Raptor locates him and revives him. The humans destroy the resurrection ship and the two Basestars guarding it. Cain and Adama contact Fisk and Starbuck respectively, but neither gives the order to assassinate. Relieved, Fisk and Starbuck stand down.

Baltar signals his rejection of Head Six in favor of Gina by repeating to Gina a coquettish speech Head Six gave earlier. Baltar distracts the Marine guard so that Gina can kill him and take his side arm. Gina asks Baltar to kill her, but he urges her to seek justice, not death, and promises to hide her. Cain returns to her quarters following the battle to find Gina lying in wait for her. Gina shoots Cain and disappears.

Fisk and Starbuck eulogize Cain at her funeral. Fisk becomes Commander of Pegasus. Apollo confesses to Starbuck that he wanted to die in space. Helo and Tyrol return to Galactica. Helo and Sharon are reunited as Tyrol looks on. Recognizing that Adama now commands two battlestars, Roslin promotes him to Admiral. Adama helps the ailing Roslin to her feet and kisses her.


Guest star Edit

  • Luciana Carro as "Louanne 'Kat' Katraine"
  • Vincent Gale as "Chief Peter Laird"
  • Peter-John Prinsloo as "Lt. Mei 'Freaker' Firelli"
  • Brad Dryborough as "Hoshi"