Pegasus was a Mercury-class Battlestar and one of the most advanced military ships in the Colonial Fleet. Along with the Battlestar Galactica, the Pegasus was one of two Colonial military vessels to survive the Fall of the Twelve Colonies, serving under the command of Admiral Helena Cain.

History Edit

In the years prior to the Fall of the Twelve Colonies, Pegasus was under the control of Admiral Helena Cain. Galen Tyrol also served onboard this ship as a deck hand as his job in the Colonial Fleet.[1][2]

Fall of the Twelve Colonies Edit

Scorpia Fleet Shipyards 1

Pegasus at the Scorpia Fleet Shipyards.

In the moments before the Cylon attack, Pegasus docked at the Scorpia Fleet Shipyards for a refit. The Command Navigation Program was disabled, and nonessential crewmen were allowed to disembark to see their families in a three month long extended shore-leave. A heavily-armed Cylon squadron jumped in range of the shipyards and fired nuclear missiles at it and the ships docked, destroying two Battlestars and three other ships in the opening minutes. Admiral Cain rushed to the CIC and ordered an immediate decoupling and blind jump to escape the combat area.[3][4] Pegasus found itself past the red line, four or five jumps away from its last position. Following the escape, a ship-wide assessment found some 723 crewmen had perished in the attack. Among its craft, twelve Vipers had been totally destroyed along with two Raptors, and a further seventeen undefined vehicles declared irreparable.[4]

When a Raptor reconnaissance mission sent to investigate the silence in com traffic confirmed the destruction of the colonies, Pegasus took part in a series of cavalry charges, jumping wherever Cylon forces were massing and engaging them before abandoning the area. Gina Inviere, a Cylon agent, manipulated Admiral Cain into jumping the ship into the vicinity of a Cylon staging post masquerading as a lightly-defended communications relay. Its Vipers were overwhelmed by fifteen squadrons of Raiders and suffered severe casualties. In the heat of the moment, the ship's Executive Officer, Colonel Belzen, refused an order to launch the reserve Vipers, protesting it as a suicide run. He was immediately executed by Admiral Cain, who made Colonel Fisk her new XO.[3][4]

Following the attack, Pegasus detected a small refugee fleet of civilian craft. Seeing the civilian fleet as a tactical risk, she instead had the ships cannibalised for spare parts and engineers impressed under threat of their families' murder by marines. The fifteen ships were quickly abandoned, lacking FTL capability to escape from any passing Cylon raiders.[3][4]

The Fleet Edit

Pegasus discovered Galactica and the Fleet entirely by accident, having been following the Cylon fleet pursuing Galactica and jumped ahead to cut them off. The initial rejoicing in the rag tag fleet following Pegasus' meeting with Galactica does not last long. As the most senior surviving Colonial officer, Admiral Cain assumed military command of the Fleet, replacing Commander William Adama of Galactica. While initially promising not to interfere with Galactica's operations, Cain was disappointed in Adama's command and ordered personnel exchanges for Captain Lee Adama and Lieutenant Kara Thrace, who she felt Adama was too close to. When Lieutenant Thorne, Pegasus' so-called "Cylon interrogator", attempted to rape Galactica's Number Eight prisoner, he was killed in a fight with Chief Petty Officer Tyrol and Lieutenant Karl Agathon, who both had sexual relations with a Number Eight and so had an emotional attachment.[3] When the two men were taken back to Pegasus for trial and sentenced to death, Commander Adama ordered a Raptor assault on Pegasus, and its Vipers were launched to stand-off against Pegasus' Vipers. The stand-off ended when Lieutenant Starbuck reappeared from an unauthorized recon mission aboard the stealth Blackbird with photos of a mysterious Cylon ship being guarded by two Basestars. Interrogation of Pegasus' Cylon prisoner (a Number Six model named Gina) reveals that the mysterious ship is a "Resurrection Ship", a vessel that gives new bodies to dead Cylons, effectively making the Cylons fearless of death. Although Adama and Cain declare an uneasy truce in order to coordinate an attack on the Cylons, they make plans to assassinate each other, which are called off after the Resurrection Ship is destroyed. Gina escapes with the help of Baltar and kills Admiral Cain.

Colonel Jack Fisk is promoted and named Commander of Pegasus after Cain's death; he is murdered by members of a black market organization shortly thereafter. Chief Engineer Barry Garner replaces Commander Fisk as commander of Pegasus. Around this time, the two battlestars in the fleet become known as the Bucket (Galactica) and the Beast (Pegasus). Commander Garner, who is stated as an excellent engineer, but unused to command, allows Pegasus to be drawn into an ambush by three Cylon Basestars. Pegasus suffers damage to her FTL drive cooling system, thus preventing her from escaping with an FTL jump. Commander Garner, leaving the able Lee Adama to command Pegasus in the heat of the battle, sacrifices his life to repair the damage, allowing Pegasus to jump to safety.

Adama, promoted to Admiral after Cain's death, promotes his son, Major Lee Adama, to commander and gives him command of Battlestar Pegasus. As the first mission with its new commander, Pegasus is sent to search for a missing Raptor science team and comes under attack from a force of First Cylon War era fighters. Pegasus is unable to leave due to problems with its FTL drive, but quickly fixes the problems and leaves, but not before Kara Thrace shoots down an enemy fighter in the landing pod. Learning of the Guardians from Sharon "Athena" Agathon and the First Hybrid, Pegasus, accompanied by Admiral Adama (who was there when the First Hybrid was created) goes after the Guardian Basestar to destroy it and rescue the missing science crew. The mission is a success, with the Guardian Basestar and First Hybrid destroyed, but Pegasus' XO, Major Kendra Shaw, is killed destroying it. Soon after, the fleet discovers a habitable world and begins to colonize it naming it "New Caprica". Pegasus and Galactica, with skeleton crews, form an orbital defense network over the new colony. However, when the colony is discovered a year later by a Cylon fleet they are forced to abandon the colony and jump away.

Destruction Edit

Pegasus is destroyed in action during the third-season episode "Exodus, Part 2". Disobeying orders from Admiral Adama to protect the civilians that first escape the Cylon occupation in the second season episode " Lay Down Your Burdens Part ll ", Apollo leaves all of his Viper squadrons with the civilian ships, along with most of the crew. Apollo is able to divert the attention of the four Cylon Basestars attacking Galactica after FTL jumping to New Caprica. The older battlestar continues to cover the evacuation of the New Caprica colonists. This distraction allows time for Galactica's FTL drives to be repaired and the planet-bound colonists to reach their ships and escape.

One Cylon Basestar is critically damaged by Pegasus' forward main batteries as it enters the fray, drawing the fire from the Basestars. After Galactica jumps away, Pegasus (now heavily damaged and unable to escape) is locked into a suicide course, weapons systems firing automatically. The crew is evacuated to several Raptors just before Pegasus rams a Basestar, destroying it. The explosion causes the battlestar to fragment, the starboard hangar pod colliding with and destroying another Basestar.

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