Number Two was a model of Humanoid Cylon, and the second of eight created by the Final Five for the Centurions. As with the next six, the original Number One assisted in their creation.

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All Number Twos took the name "Leoben", unlike the Number Sixes who made their own names. They were particularly spiritual, and believed deeply in the Cycle of Time and that the Hybrids communicated with God. Like the other Cylons, the Number Twos were also accomplished liars, and would manipulate people on an emotional level or mix lies into truth. This model developed an obsession with Kara Thrace, inherited from the memories of a Number Two that was found on the Gemenon Traveler. That particular Two would later keep her imprisoned on New Caprica, believing he was destined to be in a relationship with her. When the Number Twos sided against the Ones; Fours and Fives over their treatment of the Raiders, they were almost entirely wiped out in the Cylon Civil War, with the only known exception being those onboard a damaged Basestar which later joined the Fleet as refugees. All Number Twos have since become extinct, owing to the loss of the Colony and resurrection technology.

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