The New Series
(The reimagined series; Caprica and Blood & Chrome)
New Caprica

New Caprica is a planet which was briefly host to a human colony. It is named after Caprica. The planet was situated within a stellar cloud that effected DRADIS, making it a theoretically secure planet undetectable to any Cylon fleet if they were to renege on the truce.


The planet was discovered during the Presidential election being held within the fleet, and colonisation became a major debating point by Vice President Dr. Gaius Baltar in his bid, despite previously objecting to settling due to its poor conditions. Human colonisation took place immediately after Dr. Baltar was elected President, with a number of ships landing in the equator. Only one settlement is known to have been constructed, a shanty town dubbed "New Caprica City". Efforts to exploit the planet were slow, and living in tents for months made diseases more severe, with even Samuel T. Anders - a Cylon - not being strong enough to hold back double-pneumonia. After a year, the entire fleet's supply of antibiotics was in short supply and the only remaining samples were kept in orbit for treating personnel on board the Battlestars Pegasus and Galactica.

Approximately one year after the election, a Cylon patrol one lightyear away detected a nuclear explosion, the result of the destruction of Cloud 9 prior to colonisation. This precipitated the Occupation of New Caprica.


was an almost unhabitable planet, on which the survivors of the Twelve Colonies had settled. After some time, when Cloud 9 was destroyed, the Cylons found New Caprica and overthrew the colony.



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