Roslin is forced to abandon many of the survivors, as only the ships capable of faster-than-light (FTL) "jumps" are able to escape the attack and rendezvous with the Galactica at Ragnar Anchorage.

On Ragnar, Adama is attacked by a supposed arms-dealer who claims to be simply bootlegging supplies, but who is clearly being affected by the radiation cloud surrounding Ragnar, which humans are immune to. Adama deduces that he is facing a new type of Cylon that looks, sounds and acts human.

Roslin appoints Baltar, who has not disclosed his suborning by the Cylons, as one of her senior advisers. Number Six reveals herself to Baltar in hallucinatory form while attempting to direct his behavior. The reason why she appears to him is not clear, although she suggests that she may have planted a microchip inside Baltar's brain while he slept, allowing her to transmit her image into his conscious mind. Responding to one of her suggestions, he is compelled to identify Number Five (Aaron Doral), a public relations specialist, as a Cylon agent masquerading as a human. Despite his protests and the lack of any evidence to support the accusation, Doral is left on Ragnar Anchorage when the Galactica departs.

As the Cylons attack Ragnar, the small human fleet escapes by "jumping" to a distant, unexplored area of the galaxy. Adama attempts to lift the morale of the surviving humans by announcing plans to reach a legendary thirteenth colony, "Earth", whose existence and location have been closely guarded military secrets. Roslin later convinces Adama to privately admit that his announcement was simply a ploy as she believes Earth to be a myth.

Adama finds a slip of paper in his quarters with the typed statement, "There are only 12 Cylon models.". On Ragnar, Doral clearly appears to be suffering from radiation poisoning that has been shown to affect only Cylons. His identity as a Cylon is confirmed when a group of Cylons, including the metallic Cylon Centurions and several humanoid Cylons consisting of multiple copies of the Number Six, Doral, and Ragnar arms-dealer models, come to retrieve Doral. In a twist ending, one of the group appears to be Boomer, indicating that her counterpart on the Galactica is a Cylon as well.


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