Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part Ⅰ is the penultimate epsiode of Season 1 of the 2004 TV series, Battlestar Galactica.


At the end of the miniseries that served as the series's backdoor pilot, Commander Adama promised to lead the human fleet to Earth, but admitted privately to Roslin that he did not know its location and did not even believe it existed. Adama and Roslin agreed that he would make all military decisions and she would oversee the civilians. In "The Hand of God", Roslin experienced a hallucination, brought on by her cancer medication, that Priestess Elosha identified as a prophetic vision.

Helo and Caprica-Boomer first had sex in "Six Degrees of Separation". In "Colonial Day", Helo discovered that Boomer is a Cylon and fled from her.

Part 1

The teaser intercuts among four scenes: Adama sparring (boxing) with his son Apollo, Kara having sex with a man whose face is obscured, Helo running on Caprica, and Galactica-Boomer contemplating suicide. The elder Adama knocks Apollo to the floor and tells his son that he never wins because he never loses control - he needs to let his instincts take over. Kara calls out Lee's name, but her partner is revealed to be Baltar. The encounter ends abruptly, with Kara pulling on the dress she wore in the previous episode, "Colonial Day", and leaving. Helo encounters Caprica-Boomer. He shoots her in the shoulder at her suggestion but decides against finishing her off with a second shot. Galactica-Boomer regains her composure when she is called for a mission.

Roslin learns she has at most six months to live. Apollo angrily confronts Starbuck in the hangar bay after he figures out she slept with Baltar. Head Six, jealous over Baltar's feelings for Starbuck, torments him. On Caprica, Helo demands that Caprica-Boomer find him a way off the planet despite her pleas of friendship.

On a scouting mission, Galactica-Boomer and Crashdown discover a habitable planet. Reviewing reconnaissance photos from the planet, Roslin at first sees an inhabited city but looks again and sees only ruins. Elosha identifies one of the structures Roslin reports seeing as the Opera House on Kobol and concludes that the planet is Kobol. Roslin agrees and declares her belief in the Scriptures.

Galactica-Boomer again contemplates shooting herself but is interrupted by Baltar. Boomer confides that she is afraid she will hurt someone. Head Six warns Baltar that Boomer's model is weak, but that in the end she will carry out her Cylon mission. Baltar encourages Boomer to listen to her heart and do what she thinks is right. A gunshot sounds as he leaves.

Boomer survives the suicide attempt, and discusses her angst with Chief Galen Tyrol.

Adama agrees that it may be Kobol and orders a survey team to see whether it is suitable for permanent settlement. Roslin encourages Adama to use a captured Cylon Raider to retrieve the Arrow of Apollo from Caprica; according to the Scriptures, when brought to Kobol, the Arrow shows the way to Earth. Adama dismisses the Scriptures as "just stories, legends, myths," and refuses to commit the Raider, a military asset, to a mission to Caprica.

Cylons attack the survey team above Kobol. Baltar, Chief, Crashdown, Cally, and several others crash on Kobol aboard a damaged Raptor.

Roslin meets with Starbuck and asks her to use the Raider to retrieve the Arrow of Apollo. Starbuck expresses reluctance to disobey orders, so Roslin appeals to Starbuck's religious beliefs and reveals Adama's deception about knowing the location of Earth. After a conversation with Adama seems to confirm it, Starbuck defies him and takes the Raider to Caprica.


  • Story By: David Eick
Teleplay By: Ronald D. Moore
  • Directed by: Michael Rymer

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