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Kobol, ancestral home of Twelve Colonies, is a planet in the Milky Way galaxy, located in sector 728. While lush and life supporting, the planet has been abandoned by all sentient life for at least 2000 years, ever since the exodus of Thirteen Tribes. The surface is dotted by ruins of civilized life, now all but reclaimed by nature.


Ancient history[]

Kobol is thought to be the ancestral homeworld of humans. At its height, control of Kobol was split between twelve nations, known as the Twelve Tribes: Aquarius, Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Pisces, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Taurus, and Virgo[1]. During the height of their power, mankind evolved its understanding of sophisticated robot technology to the point of developing synthetic organic machines. An unknown struggle led to these beings - the "Thirteenth Tribe" - leaving Kobol in search of a world of their own called Earth.

Centuries later, a second catastrophe took place which saw the destruction of much of the Kobolian society. The catastrophe resulted in the Exodus of the Twelve Tribes, with them departing on the Galleon in search of a new home, Gemenon[2]. During their voyage, the Colonists suffered a computer failure with much of their technology being lost and knowledge of Kobol passed only by written hand. In the two thousand years following the exodus, the planet's nature and location was a mystery and the only insight came from religious texts, which spoke of a payment in blood for anyone who would return[3].


Following the destruction of the Colonies in the Cyrannus Star System, a ragtag fleet of refugees led by the battlestar Galactica stumbled upon Kobol during their search for Earth. Commander Adama suggested permanently settling the planet, however, when expedition and archeology teams were launched on board the raptors, Cylons had already discovered the planet and placed basestar in orbit. Two of the three raptors were shot down, with only one escaping back to the Fleet. The basestar was later destroyed by a nuclear strike from Galactica's raptor, using a previously discovered Cylon transponder to get safely in range, noting the first major victory for the Colonists. Kobol, and how to interpret its existence later, caused a major schism within the Fleet.


The Kobol Opera House and Forum located in the City of the Gods, though a ruin in Galactica's time, was apparently once an important civic building on the planet, as it was meticulously re-drawn from memory in the Scripts of Pythia. Kobol is also the location of the Tomb of Athena, located near the Gates of Hera. An ancient relic, the Arrow of Apollo brought by the Twelve Tribes on board the Galleon, was required to gain entry to the temple ruin in which it is said clues could be found to finding the way to the thirteenth tribes' colony, Earth. Within the Tomb were statues representing each of the Twelve Tribes. When the arrow was placed on the statue representing Sagittarius, the location of Earth was revealed. Earth can see the twelve zodiac constellations which were imprinted on the original flags of the Twelve Colonies. Also, the Colonials recognized on the map a nebula that is visible to Earth; in reality, the Lagoon Nebula.



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