The New Series
(The reimagined series; Caprica and Blood & Chrome)

Gemenon is a planet in the Cyrannus system the star Helios Alpha. It is a close neighbour of Caprica, with which it shares an orbit as a double planet. Following the start of the First Cylon War, Gemenon became one of the twelve core worlds in the United Colonies of Kobol.

History Edit

Gemenon was the first planet in the system settled on by the Kobol refugee convoy.[1] In the aftermath of their arrival, the colonists endured a technological dark age where computer information access was lost and all information became passed on written paper. As consequence, basic information such as why the colonists left was interpreted over the next two thousand years as a religious document and taught by priests.[2]

Further notes Edit

  • Much information on Gemenon was added into the series lore for the show Caprica. Writer Jane Espenson also collaborated in the creation of mapping the Cyrannus star system with the positions of each planet along with explaining their histories. The factoids themselves quasi-canon, existing in a preliminary level where they are canon unless contradicted by new information.[1] However, as there was no second season of Caprica to contradict them, they stand.



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