The Galactica-type Battlestar was the first class of battlestar ever to be constructed by the Twelve Colonies. Twelve were initially constructed for the First Cylon War, each representing one of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol, but it is possible more were built following this initial order. This class of Battlestar was slowly retired from service during a military shake-up twenty years after the Armistice, and by the time of the Fall of the Twelve Colonies, Galactica was the last ship in service.


Propulsion Edit

Ships of this class have 4 main rearward-facing sublight engines mounted on its outer hull, two on the dorsal and ventral surfaces each, along with what is presumed to be a backup sublight thruster in the center of the hull (although this is never confirmed). Smaller manuevering thrusters are also scattered throughout the ship to allow it to manuever quickly in combat scenarios. Two synced FTL drives are installed aboard to allow for faster-than-light travel.

Computer Systems Edit

Designed and constructed during the First Cylon War, ships of this class lack the advanced computer technology and networking of more modern battlestars for fear of Cylon infiltration of their computer systems; its computers were described as "barely deserving of the name". It is due to this resistance to infiltration that one ship was able to escape the Fall of the Colonies, going on to lead a group of survivors to Earth.

Armament Edit

As all battlestars are, the Galactica-type is armed with railguns scattered throughout the ship, primarily located on its dorsal and ventral hull (2 groups of 4 on each side), each capable of firing large incendiary or explosive shells at any given target; usually enemy vessels. Ships of this class also have CIWS point-defense weapons scattered throughout the ship to defend against incoming ordinance, as well as an array of both regular (explosive) and nuclear-tipped missiles to be launched from missile tubes at enemy targets.

Fighter Complement Edit

The Galactica-type carries a complement of Vipers, small and maneuverable one-man space superiority fighters designed for dogfights, as well as Raptors, larger multipurpose craft that can serve either as missile carriers, transport craft or electronic warfare platforms. It is presumed that the Galactica class can support three or four squadrons simultaneously, judging by the size of its flight pods.

Notable ships Edit

Galactica Edit

The Battlestar Galactica was one of the first battlestars ever made. Rushed into service during the First Cylon War, she went on to serve with distinction, participating in numerous battles throughout the war right up to the final one.

At the time of the Fall of the Colonies, the ship was in the final stages of decommisioning and conversion into a museum ship. Due to Commander William Adama, its CO, insisting that its systems remain de-networked, the ship had never had its systems networked nor ever loaded the offending CNP software with its hidden backdoor into primary memory. Thus, it was able to avoid Cylon infiltration, re-arming at the Ragnar Anchorage and fleeing the Colonies with a fleet of civilian ships which it led on a four-year journey to seek out the ancient colony of Earth.

Columbia Edit

The sister ship of the Galactica, the Columbia fought in the First Cylon War alongside the Galactica and other battlestars of the time. She was destroyed during the final battle of the war.

Further notes Edit

  • The exact name of this class is conjectural, and a variety of fan sites have identified this as the "Galactica-class"; "Columbia-class" and "Jupiter-class", the latter of which being featured in the strategy game, Battlestar Galactica Deadlock.