"Galactica is not a relic, it's a classic. And I for one happen to appreciate the classics."
—Admiral Helena Cain

The Battlestar Galactica was a Colonial warship constructed during the First Cylon War. One of the twelve original Battlestars, Galactica, remained in service for forty years after the war's end due to its fame. It survived the Fall of the Twelve Colonies due to its lack of networking, and led a ragtag refugee fleet out of the Cyrannus system in search of Earth.

History Edit

Galactica was a part of the original order of twelve Battlestars, a classification of fleet carriers designed specifically to counter the Cylon threat by relying heavily on unnetworked computer systems.[1] Ten years into the war, Galactica took part in the Ghost Fleet Offensive behind the scenes; not part of the flotilla, Galactica was credited with sending a Raptor crew to courier orders to prevent radio broadcast detection.[2]

On the twelfth year of the war, Galactica took part in Operation: Raptor Talon, an attack on a Cylon flotilla defending a planet of critical importance to the war owing to rumours of a Cylon weapon being constructed there. Its sister ship, Columbia, was destroyed, though the battle was left indecisive as the Cylons signed an armistice agreement with the government mid-battle.[3]

When the Colonial Fleet began expanding twenty years later, Galactica was kept in service, but was reduced to interplanetary operations without the need to use its FTL drive. Galactica was kept in this role for another eighteen years, but its advanced age became a burden to maintain, and the Adar administration gave the order for Galactica's retirement, intending for it to be refurbished as a war museum.[4]

Fall of the Twelve Colonies Edit

Galactica's decommissioning, taking place on the fortieth anniversary of the Armistice, coincided with a Cylon attack on the Twelve Worlds. In the opening hours, an entire squadron of Viper Mk. VIIs was destroyed. Galactica's Viper Mk. IIs, kept for museum purposes, were launched to provide air support instead, and defended Galactica in an engagement with Cylon Raiders in which the hull was damaged by a nuclear explosion. When news of Atlantia's destruction was received, Galactica CO Commander Bill Adama ordered Galactica to jump to Ragnar Anchorage to be resupplied in preparation for a new counterattack with remaining Colonial forces.[1] When no word was received of surviving warships, Commander Adama was persuaded by President Laura Roslin to give up his plan and abandon the Cyrannus system altogether with a refugee fleet she had assembled.[5]


  • During the 10th year of the Cylon war, rookie (fresh meat) William Adama comes aboard the Galactica. After Lt. Adama's first mission and rescue the Galactica and the Ghost Fleet launched a new offensive.

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