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Galactica was a battlestar in service in the Colonial Fleet for almost its entire existence. It entered service during the Cylon War and was instrumental in the survival of humanity following the Fall of the Twelve Colonies, the Battle of New Caprica and the Battle of the Colony. It was ultimately left damaged beyond repair due to its four-year period of combat without resources or time for extended refit, and was remotely piloted into a star.

History Edit

Pre-Fall military career Edit

Galactica's origins lie with the Cylon War, a genocidal conflict between the United Colonies of Kobol, representing all of humanity, and a sentient mechanical labour force known as the Cylons which rebelled against their enslavement. As the Cylons possessed expert skill in remote hacking of networked computers, the Colonial Fleet's warships were at risk of being turned on one another. The battlestars solved this problem by relying more on dedicated computers crewed by individually trained crewmen. These vessels would serve multiple roles within the Colonial Fleet, able to provide considerable firepower as well as launching fighter craft, and by the end of the war new classes of battlestar were manufactured. Galactica was one of an original order of twelve battlestars, though there may have been others of its class constructed after. Gaalctica itself represented Caprica in propagnada, the number of ships in the order deliberately equating to the number of member planets.[1] Of this original order of twelve, nine were lost in the war.[2]

Not much is known of Galactica's history in this conflict, though it is known that Commander Silas Nash was its CO for the entire war.[1] It did however endure considerable punishment, losing a number of armoured panels as well as its glossy white paint over the duration of the war. In the tenth year of the war, around 1958, Galactica is known to have taken part in an operation dubbed Operation: Clean Sweep, where it served as a stationary platform for Raptor crews to disarm Cylon missile batteries built on asteroids. This operation left Galactica with a shortage of Raptor pilots, to the extent Cmdr. Nash would state that Raptor pilots were needed more than Viper pilots.[3] Ahead of the Ghost Fleet Offensive, Galactica was the way-station for orders to be sent from the Admiralty via courier, as the flotilla was under strict radio blackout orders.[3]

In the final day of the war, now at its twelfth year, Galactica, Columbia and one other battlestar jumped out of the Cyrannus star system to an ice world as part of Operation: Raptor Talon. The three ships confronted basestars in orbit ahead of a planned ground attack to destroy a rumoured experimental weapons facility. The ships were damaged in the battle, with Columbia destroyed. The operation was called-off soon after when news of the Armistice was received.[4]

Wary of a resumption of hostilities, the Colonial Fleet maintained a strong presence patrolling the colonies' border with the treaty-designated Cylon space. This continued for twenty years, approximately 1980, when Galactica was superseded by newer battlestars. Though its two sister ships were retired and scrapped, Galactica was selected to remain in service exclusively for operations within the Cyrannus star system, as it was believed keeping such an historically significant ship in service would be good PR.[2] Galactica was kept in this role for another eighteen years, but its age became a burden to maintain, and the Adar administration gave the order for Galactica's retirement around 1998, intending for it to be refurbished as a war museum state-funded by the Ministry of Education over the next two years.[2][5]

In the lead-up to decommissioning, however, Galactica continued to operate as normal. Experienced crew were replaced over this period, with some transfers taking place for reasons of office politics. Cmdr. William Adama, Col. Saul Tigh and possibly Lt. Felix Gaeta were transferred from Valkyrie following a disastrous recon mission.[6] Spc. Galen Tyrol was transferred from Columbia following a flight accident blamed on poor maintenance, and would replace Galactica's deck chief over time.[2] Another was that of Lt. Sharon Valerii, a Raptor pilot from Troy, a mining colony that suffered a recent catastrophe. Rather than wash her out due to poor marks at flight school, fears of a PR embarrassment convinced the Admiralty to assign her to Galactica where it was believed she would serve out her tour quietly.[2]

Fall of the Twelve Colonies Edit

Galactica's decommissioning ceremony coincided with a massive Cylon offensive across the Cyrannus system, leaving it without ammunition to defend itself. Most of its Viper Mark VII compliment was destroyed when Cylon raiders used a CNP exploit to remotely shut them down. This program was never installed on Galactica due to Commander Adama's forbidding of networking, and Galactica itself was, therefore, impervious to such exploits. Commander Adama began preparations to assist the Colonial Fleet which was, at that point, preparing a counteroffensive concentrated over Virgon, but Galactica was first required to jump to a depot station in the atmosphere of Ragnar for resupply. Due firstly due to damages sustained by a nuclear detonation on Galactica's hull, and second due to the unpreparedness of jumping, by the time Galactica arrived at Ragnar the battle was lost, with Commander Adama asserting de facto command of the Fleet.[1] Over the next several hours, a number of civilian ships arrived over Ragnar for Galactica's protection, but it was quickly understood only Vipers and Raptors had escaped the Fall, and a continued offensive was now impossible. Commander Adama gave in to pressure by the constitutionally-appointed President Laura Roslin to abandon the goal, and instead, lead the refugee ships out of the Cyrannus system to a new home.[7]

The Exodus from the Twelve Colonies Edit

For several days after leading Ragnar, Cylons would jump in close-proximity aided by the ability to track a ship known as the Olympic Carrier every thirty-free minutes. Exactly how they were able to track is uncertain, though, given the finite nature of light-speed, Raider patrols were likely searching for a radiation signature and returning these coordinates to their Basestar. This constant attack left Galactica's crew fatigued and made poor reaction times and forgetfulness a serious risk to both the ship's safety and the fleet. When Olympic Carrier was destroyed, however, this stopped and the Cylons were forced to use Raider patrols to determine their location.[8] During the initial week, Galactica began taking in civilians enlisting with the Colonial Fleet in a variety of capacities.[9] In this time, several additional Humanoid Cylons were able to infiltrate the ship - a "One", two "Sixes" and a "Five" - and set up base in a room used as a chapel to disguise their planning.[9] The first attack committed by the cell was done by Lt. Sharon Valerii, who stole G-4 from a small arms locker and destroyed Galactica's water storage tanks, creating a water supply crisis among the fleet. Its effects were ultimately short-lived when she was successful in identifying a fresh source of uncontaminated water. The Cylon cell updated their plans, and Lt. Valerii allowed the Five to go through Causeway C, take a Marine guard hostage to open a small-arms locker before killing him, and then fashioned a suicide vest. Five was identified by both Col. Tigh and Cmdr. Adama, and was forced to detonate in an otherwise strategically worthless part of the ship.[10]


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