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The Final Five is the collective term used to describe five of the thirteen Cylon humanoid models. These models are Samuel Anders, Tory Foster, Ellen Tigh, Saul Tigh, and Galen Tyrol. Interestingly, their identities were unknown to the majority of the Cylon population. These five Cylons are descendants of the Thirteenth Tribe, which is a group of ancient humanoid artificial life forms created by humans on Kobol thousands of years ago. They are also the creators of the so-called "Significant Seven Cylons," as well as Number Seven, whose entire line was wiped out.


D'Anna Inquisition[]

Two years after the Fall of the Twelve Colonies, a Number Three is downloading herself multiple times to catch glimpses of five mysterious figures dressed in white robes, whom she believes to be representations of the Final Five Cylons. Despite her efforts, she struggles to accurately depict what she has witnessed. Gaius Baltar, who is suspicious of his ability to see the messengers, believes he could be one of the remaining five Cylons. Obsession also fueled by his guilt over inadvertently causing the near extinction of humankind. The suspicion triggers Baltar to embark on a personal exploration of his own identity after teaming up with D'Anna, in hopes he would not be a traitor to one race, but a hero to another.

The pair eventually reaches the Algae planet, where they discover a pre-Colonial structure known as the Temple of Five, holding potential answers. As the star in the system nears its end and explodes in a giant supernova, the temple's mechanisms emit a beam of light. Stepping into the light, Number Three is suddenly transported back to the Opera House, facing the same image of the Five. Upon recognizing them, she expresses surprise and apologizes, saying, "You... forgive me... I had no idea." However, she is abruptly pulled back to reality and collapses in Baltar's embrace. Uttering the words, "You were right," she passes away before revealing what she witnessed. After downloading, unaware that he already knows their appearance, she informs Cavil, who subsequently places her entire line in a cold storage unit in the Resurrection Hub.


As the Fleet approached the Ionian Nebula, Saul Tigh, Galen Tyrol, Samuel Anders, and Tory Foster heard a strange melody. For Tyrol and Anders, the tune was reminiscent of their early childhood, while Tigh found it increasingly irritating, as he heard it throughout the Galactica. When the fleet reached the Ionian Nebula, the melody became clearer to all four characters, leading them to an abandoned storage room where they finally realized that they were all Cylons, four of the missing six models. Coping with their true identity became a struggle, but they decided to continue their lives as humans, as they had always thought they were. Tigh, in particular, was determined to uphold his oath to the Colonial Fleet.

During a battle, when they engaged a Cylon raider, Samuel Anders's eyes responded to a Cylon IFF signal, causing all raiders in the battle to disengage and return to their basestars. With no fighter cover, the Cylons were forced to spool up their FTL drives and jump away.