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A DRADIS read-out

DRADIS (from the terms Direction, RAnge, and DIStance, or alternatively Declination, Right Ascension, and Distance), is a tracking technology used in the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica miniseries and television show, as well as related spinoff media.[1]

Use in series[]

The system is used for detecting and scanning vessels and other objects in a 3-dimensional space. Although the terms "range" and "distance" are synonymous in meaning, they indicate different factors of 3-dimensional tracking. One term is used to describe a target's horizontal position along the planar X and Y coordinates relative to the centerline of tracking vessel. The other represents the target's vertical position, or elevation, relative to the tracking ship centerline.

Although the DRADIS appears multi-functional with the ability to scan for water[2] and radiation signatures,[3] the technology is generally used within the show as the primary means of detecting other vessels and spatial bodies, for example a Cylon Basestar or the planet Kobol.[4]

The season two episode "Flight of the Phoenix" reveals that carbon composites are not detected by DRADIS systems.

Influence outside of series[]

A number of computer programs are called "DRADIS".[5][6]


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