The Commander, Air Group (CAG) is a senior position aboard a Battlestar, assigned to an officer Captain rank or higher.

The officer holding this position is in charge of the Viper and Raptor air wing assigned to their Battlestar. They are in charge of all pilots, their ships, flight plans and training, and have a significant input to battle strategy.


Officer Episodes Reason for Leaving
Major Jackson Spencer Miniseries Killed in Action
Captain Lee Adama Miniseries to "The Captain's Hand" Promoted to CO of Pegasus
Captain George Birch "Home, Part I" to "Home, Part II" Temporary replacement for Captain Adama
Captain Kara Thrace "Downloaded" to "Lay Down Your Burdens, Part II" Relocates to New Caprica
Captain Louanne Katraine "Lay Down Your Burdens, Part II" to "Collaborators". Plus "The Passage" Demoted when Major Adama resumes post. Symbolic appointment in The Passage.
Major Lee Adama "Torn" to "The Son Also Rises" Re-assigned as head of security for Romo Lampkin
Captain Karl Agathon "The Son Also Rises" to "Six of One". Excluding "Crossroads, Part I & II" where Karl acts as XO Joins crew of the Demetrius
Unknown "The Ties That Bind" to "Faith" Demetrius returns
Captain Karl Agathon "Guess What's Coming to Dinner?" Joins Resurrection Hub strike force
Captain Kara Thrace "Sine Qua Non" to "Daybreak, Part II" N/A

Italics denotes a temporary or honourary appointment