When a MAGLEV train in Caprica City is blown up during a terrorist bombing, two men—Daniel Graystone, a wealthy computer engineer, and Joseph Adama, a lawyer with roots in the Tauron mob syndicate called the Ha'la'tha—struggle to deal with the loss of their loved ones in the attack. Before the bombing, Zoe Graystone, her friend Lacy Rand and Zoe's boyfriend Ben Stark are in the holoband world at the V-Club planning their trip to Gemenon, and preparing to meet their new family there. As Daniel becomes increasingly reluctant to accept the loss of his daughter, Zoe, and Joseph the loss of his daughter and wife, Tamara and Shannon, it isn't long before their fundamental views about life and death become a source of conflict. Daniel asks if Joseph knows anyone who could help him "obtain" a meta-cognitive processor invented by Tauron competitor Tomas Vergis of the Vergis Corporation to help him complete his prototype robot in time for a demonstration of its capabilities to his military client. At the end of the demonstration when asked what the robot is called, Daniel calls it a Cylon, or Cybernetic Lifeform Node. As a gesture of his gratitude, Daniel creates an avatar of Joseph's daughter Tamara, which Joseph meets in the holoband world. Daniel then decides to visit the holoband world after discovering what his daughter was doing there. He finds an avatar of Zoe and helps her discover what she really is, capturing her and freeing her from the holoband world and uploading her to the Cylon prototype. The Cylon with Zoe works temporarily until a system error between the Cylon and Daniel's work computer causes Daniel to believe that both Zoe and Tamara were lost.

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