Brendan Costanza was a Viper pilot who served on the Galactica.


Prior to the Fall of the Twelve Colonies, Costanza enrolled at the Colonial military's flight school, but was washed out early into Viper training, possibly while still on a simulator.[1] He survived the attacks on a civilian ship, which joined a fleet led by President Laura Roslin and Commander William Adama of Galactica.[2] In the first weeks after the attacks, Galactica suffered a tragic accident on deck which killed a dozen pilots, and all Viper washouts in the Fleet were reactivated for service, including Costanza, and sent to Galactica for immediate completion of their training by former flight school instructor, Lieutenant Kara "Starbuck" Thrace.[1] The entire class was washed out on their first day, when Lieutenant Thrace could not trust them flying real Vipers, but were re-enrolled on the Commander's orders. During their second training exercise, the Fleet was discovered by a Raider squadron and the training called off. Disregarding orders from Thrace, Costanza turned back to face the Raiders in battle to offer support. In recognition of his actions, his training was sped-up to put him on active duty immediately.[1] When Lt. Thrace approached the fleet in a hijacked Raider the following day, Costanza was ready to fly on Viper 1 as Cpt. Adama's wingman, but due to a mechanical failure this was aborted.[3]

When settlement on New Caprica began, Costanza remained at his post and either did not request or was denied permission to retire from active duty. During this point, however, he had a brief relationship with a deckhand, Specialist Cally Henderson, but when she fell pregnant assumed the child was with her new husband, Galen Tyrol. Dr. Cottle was bound by Cally's request not to reveal her child's paternity.[4] When the Cylons discovered the planet, he escaped the Occupation. Four months later, he took part in the Exodus, launching his Viper in-atmosphere and destroying Cylon defences on the ground to help the civilians evacuate.

Having passed Raptor training at some point during the previous two years, Costanza was temporarily transferred to a Raptor squadron with Starbuck leading, as part of a mission to transport civilian ships through a star cluster. Due to the intense circumstances of the mission, Costanza lost the civilian ship he was assigned to escort.[5]

List of appearancesEdit

  • Act of Contrition (first appearance)


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