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Season 3 of the Battlestar Galactica aired during 2006–2007.

List of episodes[]

Image Title Number Airdate Director Writer Survivors
Occupation Occupation 1 Sergio Mimica-Gezzan Ronald D. Moore
Four months into the Cylon occupation of New Caprica, the resistance continues to attack both Cylons and collaborators. Meanwhile, Adama and Apollo argue over the plan to rescue the colonists.
Precipice Precipice 2 Sergio Mimica-Gezzan Ronald D. Moore
The morality of suicide bombings is debated among the resistance leaders as the Cylons enact harsh measures on the civilian population in an effort to quell the growing insurgency.
Exodus, Part Ⅰ Exodus, Part Ⅰ 3 Félix Enríquez Alcalá Bradley Thompson & David Weddle
Both the resistance fighters on New Caprica and those within the fleet make final preparations for the evacuation of the planet, while Number Three has strange dreams which lead her to a human oracle.
Exodus, Part Ⅱ Exodus, Part Ⅱ 4 Félix Enríquez Alcalá Bradley Thompson & David Weddle
With the return of the Galactica, the insurgents on New Caprica begin an all-out uprising in an attempt to evacuate the stranded colonists.
Collaborators Collaborators 5 Michael Rymer Mark Verheiden
The Circle, a secret tribunal onboard Galactica, decides the fate of Colonials who collaborated with the Cylons during the occupation of New Caprica.
Torn Torn 6 Jean de Segonzac Anne Cofell Saunders
As Starbuck and Tigh seed discontent among Galactica's crew, Baltar attempts to help the Cylons deal with a virus spreading among their race.
A Measure of Salvation A Measure of Salvation 7 Bill Eagles Michael Angeli
With the discovery of a dying Cylon Basestar, Adama and Roslin debate the morality of deploying a biological weapon against the Cylons with the intention of eradicating them.
Hero Hero 8 Michael Rymer David Eick
Adama confronts one of the darkest moments of his career when "Bulldog" Novacek, a pilot who was thought to have died years ago during a secret mission, escapes the Cylons and arrives on Galactica.
Unfinished Business Unfinished Business 9 Robert Young Michael Taylor
In order to ease tensions among the crew, Galactica holds boxing matches between various crew members, while flashbacks detail Apollo and Starbuck's falling out on New Caprica.
The Passage The Passage 10 Michael Nankin Jane Espenson
When the fleet's food supply is contaminated, Galactica's pilots must lead the ships through a hazardous star cluster. Meanwhile, Kat must suddenly confront a dark secret from her past.
The Eye of Jupiter The Eye of Jupiter 11 Michael Rymer Mark Verheiden
While collecting algae on a barren planet to use as food, Tyrol discovers the Temple of Five, built by the thirteenth tribe. However, a tense standoff ensues when the Cylons arrive looking for the temple.
Rapture Rapture 12 Michael Rymer Bradley Thompson & David Weddle
The human-Cylon standoff over the mysterious Eye of Jupiter has reached a breaking point. On the algae planet, D'Anna, Baltar, Number One, and a team of Centurions prepare to assault the Temple of Five, where the Eye supposedly lies hidden. Meanwhile Athena takes action to retrieve her daughter Hera.
Taking a Break from All Your Worries Taking a Break from All Your Worries 13 Edward James Olmos Michael Taylor
is interrogated aboard Galactica, while a makeshift bar called "Joe's" in the hangar deck becomes popular and the relationship problems of Apollo, Dualla, Starbuck and Anders unfold.
The Woman King The Woman King 14 Michael Rymer Michael Angeli
Helo investigates a doctor tending to civilian refugees that may be harming Sagittaron patients.
A Day in the Life A Day in the Life 15 Rod Hardy Mark Verheiden
Cally and Tyrol are trapped in an area with a dangerous hull breach; Adama struggles with troubling memories of his wife on their anniversary.
Dirty Hands Dirty Hands 16 Wayne Rose Jane Espenson & Anne Cofell Saunders
After an accident nearly kills President Roslin, Tyrol defies Adama to demand safer working conditions throughout the fleet - and makes himself the rallying point for a strike.
Maelstrom Maelstrom 17 Michael Nankin Bradley Thompson & David Weddle
Starbuck's past comes back to haunt her when Adama has doubts about her fitness for duty.
The Son Also Rises The Son Also Rises 18 Robert Young Michael Angeli
When Baltar's representatives face assassination attempts, Adama asks Apollo to protect Baltar's lawyer.
Crossroads, Part I Crossroads, Part Ⅰ 19 Michael Rymer Michael Taylor
Tensions mount as Baltar's trial begins. Caprica Six stirs memories of Colonel Tigh's wife.
Crossroads, Part II Crossroads, Part Ⅱ 20 Michael Rymer Mark Verheiden
Gaius Baltar's trial concludes. The fleet jumps into the Ionian nebula, and four of the final five Cylons discover their own true identities.