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Battlestar Galactica is a science-fiction TV series created by Glen A. Larson, and produced by Universal for ABC. It aired on ABC between 17 September 1978 and 29 April 1979 when it was cancelled.[1][2]



With the emerging success of 1977's Star Wars, the science-fiction industry hastily began production of comparable series to piggy-back on the popularity with varying success. Alongside Star Wars, Glen A. Larson drew inspiration from Erich von Däniken's 1968 opus, "Chariots of the Gods? Unsolved Mysteries of the Past", one of the major entries in the "Ancient Astronaut" literary genre. Larson's initial premise became that of a far distance human civilisation freshly defeated from a genocidal war by the Cylon Empire, a totalitarian mechanical race bent on universal domination. A fleet of refugee ships escape with the last human warship, Galactica, and go out in search of Earth, a mythical planet settled on by an offshoot of their early colonial ancestors.

While incorporating effects-heavy science fiction elements comparable to Star Wars, even using Lucas' Industrial Light & Magic, the storylines quickly drifted away from Star Wars and became their own series over time. The first half of the series consisted of Planet of the Week stories, with Lost Planet of the Gods, The Lost Warrior, The Long Patrol, Gun on Ice Planet Zero, The Magnificent Warriors and The Young Lords each involving the Galactica or its crew stumbling upon a lost human civilization that may or may not be found by the Cylons. Following the Living Legend two-parter, many of the later stories would take place primarily within the fleet itself, better exploring the nature of colonial society with episodes such as "The Man with Nine Lives" and "Murder on the Rising Star", though also saw the emergence of a new alien race of angelic beings in "War of the Gods" which would grant Galactica information on how to find Earth. Starting with "Greetings from Earth" and ending with "Experiment in Terra", the series followed the possibility of Earth being found, revealed - by help of the angels - to be an off-shoot of the Thirteenth Tribe called Terra.


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Errors and Explanations[]

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  1. The members of the council were elected in the first episode. Yet every time we see the council, there are different members. New members were probably elected off screen to replace those who leave.
  2. The Rising Star brought Uri from his home, which had to be on one of the other eleven planets (the novelization says that he was Leon.) This makes sense, as we can see when Apollo leaves Jolly below decks, we see the writing L.S.S. Rising Star on the bulkhead. Yet, in "The Long Patrol," Athena's computer lists it as T.S.S. Rising Star, making it Tauron. The Rising Star could have been transfered from Leon to Tauron control, to avoid association with Sire Uri after the incident on Carrilon.
  3. The Gemini Freighter was filled with Gemons who followed Gemon religions and spoke Gemonese. It left Gemini during the exodus. Yet, in "Murder on the Rising Star," Cella says that both were on Caprica during the attack. Cella and the Gemini Freighter could have been on Caprica during the attack, and travelled to Gemini to collect Gemon survivors during the start of the exodus.
  4. In "The Magnificent Warriors," Tigh states that two of the three agro ships are destroyed. Later, in "War of the Gods," Tigh states that Iblis is with Sheba visiting Agro Ship Nine. Other ships in the fleet could have been converted for Agro Ship duty.
  5. The fuel issue is addressed in "Living Legend Part One" as they plot the attack on the tankers, yet never again. The raid on Gomorray must have provided enough fuel to keep the fleet going for a long time.

Revealing Mistakes[]

  1. In various scenes where "radar" displays are seen, the same "readout" is reused numerous times. Most of the scences requiring radar displays involve similar situations, usually a Cylon attack force approaching the fleet.


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