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Battlestar Galactica is an upcoming film set for a theatrical release.


The prospects of a feature-length film arose after the conclusion of Season 4 of the Ron D. Moore TV series in 2009.[1] When formally announced in 2011, Bryan Singer was hired as director of project with the goal of establishing a new continuity inspired by 1978's Saga of a Star World, though it remained in pre-production owing to Singer's commitment to X-Men: Days Of Future Past.[2] Following the 2014 lawsuit and allegations of historic sexual abuse of young actors, Universal dropped Singer and his production studio, later announcing in June 2016 they had hired Francis Lawrence.[1] Lawrence would also left the project, with Simon Kinberg signing on in 2020.[3]

In January 2021, Kinberg confirmed in an interview with Collider the film was on its second draft and that it would be in a shared universe with the Peacock Battlestar Galactica series.[4]