Battlestar Galactica is a science fiction TV series, created by Glen A. Larson in 1978. It originally aired over ABC between 17 September 1978[1] and 29 April 1979.[2]

It drew heavily on Star Wars: A New Hope and included elements from Larson's own Mormon background.


  1. "Saga of a Star World"
  2. "Lost Planet of the Gods"
  3. "Lost Planet of the Gods Part 2"
  4. "The Lost Warrior"
  5. "The Long Patrol"
  6. "Gun on Ice Planet Zero"
  7. "Gun on Ice Planet Zero, Part Ⅱ"
  8. "The Magnificent Warriors"
  9. "The Young Lords"
  10. "The Living Legend"
  11. "The Living Legend, Part Ⅱ"
  12. "Fire in Space"
  13. "War of the Gods"
  14. "War of the Gods, Part Ⅱ"
  15. "The Man with Nine Lives"
  16. "Murder on the Rising Star"
  17. "Greetings from Earth"
  18. "Baltar's Escape"
  19. "Experiment in Terra"
  20. "Take the Celestra"
  21. "The Hand of God"


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