Battlestar Galactica: Six Issue #1 is an issue of Battlestar Galactica: Six.


The issue starts with a Number Six, "Rebeka", who has infiltrated Colonial society in the guise of a rookie miner at the Vasirn Mining Outpost on Troy. This is revealed to be a dream by another Six, who is a patient at the Davenport Institution, a psychiatric hospital in Luminere on Leonis. She is an amnesiac and has been there for three months after being found on a bench in Tappin Park. With no record as to who she is, she is referred to as "Eve" by the staff. Dr. Reindon, newly assigned to the hospital, decides to chat with her. She occasionally gets flashes of Rebeka's life on the mining colony, and becomes violent while solving a puzzle, requiring restraint.

Unconscious, Eve dreams of Rebeka yet again. A mining accident has occurred and miners are crushed by debris. Unable to get out, Hank has a nervous breakdown, killing Milt and Lorne; Arnie and Rebeka are forced to kill him before he turns on them too. The two chisel away at the debris as their Oxygen runs out. Eve then dreams of being surrounded by her fellow Cylons, a One; a Two, a Four, a Five and another Six before waking up back in the hospital, comforted by Dr. Reidon.


  • Rebeka
  • Eve
  • Simmons
  • Ms. Garner
  • Karl
  • Harper
  • Dr. Edmund Reindon
  • Holt
  • Dane
  • Hank
  • Milt
  • Lorne
  • Arnie
  • Unnamed Numer One
  • Unnamed Number Two
  • Unnamed Number Four
  • Unnamed Number Five
  • Unnamed Number Six