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Battlestar Galactica: Six is a five-part series of comics by Dynamite Entertainment.


The series covers the life of a Sleeper Agent Six named "Eve" who has been recently dropped off on Leonis with no memory of a past life. In her three months as a patient at the Davernport Institute, she has flashes of over Sixes' lives. Escaping the hospital after killing an orderly who tried to rape her, Eve shelters at the apartment of a doctor, Edmund Reindon, who she reveals her Cylon nature to after remembering a Six, "Mary", downloading. Chased by the police, Eve and Reindon hijack an ageing civilian Raptor, but are killed by a raptor patrol. Eve downloads into a new body on a Baseship, where her fellow Cylons explain their intention to wipe out mankind as revenge for the Centurions' enslavement. Eve returns to Caprica some time later to serve an infiltration role, meeting Dr. Gaius Baltar at a party.


Due to being produced in the years after the series' conclusion, Battlestar Galactica: Six benefit from a larger pool of stories to reference. For instance, Battlestar Galactica Map of the 12 Colonies was used as a source for city names.


Issue Standard cover Pub date Writer Art
Issue #1 Battlestar Galactica Six Issue 1 Frison cover 23 April 2014 J.T. Krul Igor Ligma
Issue #2 Battlestar Galactica Six Issue 2 Frison cover 28 May 2014 J.T. Krul Igor Vitorino
Issue #3 File:Battlestar Galactica Six Issue 3 Frison cover.jpg 25 June 2014 J.T. Krul Rod Rodolfo
Issue #4 File:Battlestar Galactica Six Issue 4 Frison cover.jpg 23 July 2014 J.T. Krul Rod Rodolfo
Issue #5 Battlestar Galactica Six Issue 5 Frison cover 20 August 2014 J.T. Krul Rod Rodolfo


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