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Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock is a 3D strategy game released in 2017 for Steam; Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It is developed by Black Lab Games, and published by Slitherine Software.


The game is set 5 years into Cylon War, seldom seen in the reimagined series. The first campaign opens with the Galactica going missing mere weeks after deployment, with Admiral Sarkis aboard. With the destruction of Picon Fleet Headquarters, Admiral Cain (Deadlock) assumes command of Colonial fleet and Daidalos Mobile Shipyard (future Ragnar Anchorage) becomes the Ad Hoc fleet headquarters.

Throughout the first campaign, Colonial Fleet responds to Cylon movements and attacks, seeing the escalation of the war as both sides begin deployment of nuclear warheads and eventually recovering the lost Galactica from the IL Clothos. Events culminate in a battle at a rogue planet in the Cyrannus system, Avalon, where Admiral Sarkis is also rescued from Clothos.

The Operation Anabasis expansion covers the failed Operation Anabasis, an attempt by the Colonials to find and exceute a decapitation strike on Cylon Command, and it's return to colonial space hounded by cylon fleets.

The later Sin and Sacrifice campaign opens with the delivery of the 9th Jupiter Class Battlestar, the Demeter, to Aerilon, during which Daidalos comes under attack by cylon forces while a reversion of the IL Clothos crosses the lines and assists the Colonials. Cylon forces under the command of the IL Lachesis place sufficient pressure on the Helios Beta, Gamma and Delta colonies, forcing them to agree to a one-year peace deal, in exchange for the colonies of Helios Alpha. Daidalos, along with the Galactica, aids in the protection and evacuation of Caprica whilst the Cylon Fleet commences orbital bombardment. Galactica is left unable to jump away with the Fleet when it becomes necessary to leave the planet to protect the refugees and is forced to crash onto the surface of Caprica. Daidalos ensures the safety of Caprican refugees before jumping to the clouds of Ragnar in an attempt to dissuade the pursuing cylon fleet from chasing the Shipyard further. The Cylons arrive regardless and Daidalos is evacuated and abandoned, save for Admiral Cain, Helena Agathon and Clothos, who remain on board.

Resurrection begins 3 years after the end of Sin and Sacrifice, in year 10 of the war, with the relaunch of the Galactica, refitted into a Jupiter Mk2, how the ship appears over 40 years later in the show. Commander Silas Nash leads BSG-75 against the cylons, thwarting Cylon attempts at developing biogenic weapons derived from samples found aboard Galleon, the ship that carried the Colonials to the 12 colonies from Kobol. Utilising intelligence leaked by Clothos, Colonial Fleet launches coordinated strikes on Cylon staging grounds throughout Cyrannus. The damage to Cylon logistics causes Lachesis to lose command of the Cylon Fleet to the awakened IL Atropos. Lachesis challenges Galactica and BSG-75 to a battle, but before it's basestar can be destroyed, Lachesis receives orders from Atropos to disengage.

The Ghost Fleet Offensive campaign resumes a few weeks after the events of Resurrection and again focuses on BSG-75, rather than the entirety of Colonial Fleet and occurs concurrenlty with the events of Blood and Chrome. Colonial Fleet is left reeling from attacks on colonial logistics by cylon forces exercising new tactics under the command of Atropos. As a result, the Ghost Fleet Operation is approved, commanded by Admiral Cain, whose survival of the fall of Daidalos at Ragnar and subsequent escape from the Cylons is left unexplained. The crew of Galactica initially assists the Ghost Fleet by ordering ships to jump mid-battle and join the Ghost Fleet, the ships being falsely recorded as destroyed to hide the existence of the Ghost Fleet from colonial citizen. Galactica herself joins the Ghost Fleet after rescuing Ensign Adama at the end of the events of Blood and Chrome. The Ghost fleet executes a mission of striking deep into Cylon territory, destroying supply posts and refineries, whilst searching for intel on the location of Cylon Command. During these searches a link to Helena Agathon is found, who communicates with Galactica (now flagship of the Ghost Fleet, following the destruction of the Acheron) with similar dialogue to that of later Cylon Hybrids. The Ghost Fleet locates Cylon Command and jumps to the expected location, only to find a deserted Basestar broadcasting a message from Atropos and news messages from the 12 Colonies of major Cylon attacks. Galactica and the Ghost Fleet defeat the cylon fleet that jumps in to complete the trap. Following the battle, as the Ghost Fleet is preparing to jump back to Cyrannus, a message from Helena Agathon is received warning of an attack led by Lachesis. Given the state of supplies, it is decided to fight Lachesis at the fleet's current location, rather than stage a running battle all the way back to colonial space. During the battle, the FTL system aboard Lachesis' Basestar is sabotaged remotely by Clothos, allowing the Colonials to defeat one of the three IL's. With the destruction of Lachesis and the survival of two assaults by Cylon Command, the Ghost Fleet jumps back to Colonial space, with Admiral Cain departing before the final jump, requesting that her survival of the fall of Daidalos is not revealed.