Galactica under fire during the Battle of New Caprica

The Battle of New Caprica was a military engagement between Colonial and Cylon forces on and around the planet New Caprica.

Prelude to BattleEdit

Admiral Adama launches a daring rescue mission to save the people of the Twelve Colonies that settled on New Caprica after the presidential election installing Dr. Gaius Baltar as the new President of the Twelve Colonies. Adama, corridnates with the New Caprican Resistance by sending a squad of Colonial Marines and a Lt. Sharon Agathon to help out. The Admiral also dosen't deploy Pegasus as part of the plan because The Fleet will need a Battlestar to protect them from Cylon attack.


Opening StagesEdit

Battle of New Caprica - Initiation New Caprican Resistance detonates explosives that surround the colonial camp, that attracts Gaeta attention. They also rally the people to get to the evac points and launch a rescue mission to the detention center. In space, the Galactica looms in the clouds that surround New Caprica. The Decoy Squadron, led by Captain Louanne "Kat" Katraine, which consists of several Vipers and ten Raptors.