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(The reimagined series; Caprica and Blood & Chrome)

Aerilon, or Aerelon, is a planet in the Cyrannus star system, and one of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol, orbiting Helios Delta. It is named after the Aries tribe who resided on Kobol, though its citizens may not have been affiliated with that tribe.[note 1]

History Edit

Sharing an orbit with Canceron and Hestia, Aerilon is located at the gas giant's L4 liberation point. At some point following the colonization of Gemenon and the other Colonies, Aerilon was colonized. Much of the planet's landmass is within the temperate zone and the mild climate, along with it's moderate precipitation made it ideal for agriculture. Covered in rolling hills and prairies, many farms and livestock ranches were established on it's surface and the planet become known for being the "food basket for the Twelve Worlds". Outside of it's capital city of Gaoth and Cuffle's Breath Wash, birthplace of Gaius Baltar, no other large settlements are none to exist at this time.

Culture Edit

Most of Aerilon's population is entirely focused on farming and agriculture, with farms presumably being handed down from family member to family member. As such, many of Aerilon's inhabitants tend to be poor and relatively uneducated, with a reputation of being hard workers and plain speakers. The belief of self-reliance is deeply ingrained within most of Aerilon's citizens and their local planetary government does not support or establish welfare programs for those in need and political dissent is not tolerated.

As such, individuals that aspired to be more than farmers often struggled to break free of their planet's stereotype. One individual, Gaius Baltar, taught himself how to speak, walk and act like someone from Caprica, earning him the scorn of his family though allowing him to establish a successful career and social life as one of the Twelve Colonies's most brilliant minds.

Further notes Edit

  • Much information on Aerilon was added into the series lore for the show Caprica. Writer Jane Espenson also collaborated in the creation of mapping the Cyrannus star system with the positions of each planet along with explaining their histories. The factoids themselves quasi-canon, existing in a preliminary level where they are canon unless contradicted by new information.[1] However, as there was no second season of Caprica to contradict them, they stand.
  • In the star system map created for Season 1, Aerilon; Scorpia; Picon and Leonis are moons of Zeus.



  1. The history of the Cyrannus system suggests there is no direct link between the planets and the tribes they were named after. Colonies such as Caprica; Picon and Virgon were settled by the same people. Aquaria meanwhile was founded as a scientific outpost rather than a settlement for the Aquarius tribe.
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